Born Oct 9 1947 Malden Mass. US Army 1967-1971 ... Every thing before that was Mayberry or Leave it to beaver...The Vietnam War taught me how to live.

I moved to San Francisco in March 1971 and built rehearsal rooms at 10th & Howard St. on "Studio Row" at the Project One Co-op ... Worked with David Blossom [Hair - lead guitar] ... Blossom Family Band ... Worked the stage @ Winterland for FM Productions [Bill Graham]...Ultra Sound/ Wall of Sound for Grateful Dead when needed ... Sound Engineer for Eddy Money, The Lotions, Asleep at the Wheel, Pointer Sisters, Spike Best & the Rest, Stephen Erhert Band [Wildflower] ... Wormwood Star, and many other San Francisco bands of the 70's, way before they became recording artists of note.

I also have done house sound for the Longbranch Saloon in Berkley, CA, a hot spot for the best bands of the Bay Area circa.1971-1976 ... Built the Freight & Salvage Coffee House with Mike Stevens the great luthier From Guitar Ressurection which moved their store to Austin, TX.

I went to Austin for a visit and never looked back.  Believe it or not Austin had San Francisco beat hands down .... Cosmic Cowboy Days were just getting started and I could see the glow over the town .... Blackstar Sound hired me to run monitors/FOH for artists like Willy Nelson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Doug Saham, Lost Gonzo Band, BW Stevens, Ray Wyle Hubbard, T- Birds, Room Full Of Blues, and too many others to mention [1977-1986 .... A wonderful 10 years].

By this time I've had enough ... too many dead friends by the side of the road ... Got a steady job at RE/MAX Lake Travis building homes. Gave me time to work on my own music and put to practice what I learned on the road ... Digitized my brain, got fat, made peace with my maker ...1997 recording gear became affordable and small independent studios became a reality for musicians .... I bought what I needed to make me and my friends sound good and the results will soon be posted here and on CD Baby ..... Thanks for reading


Rob Surette

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