Allen & Heath WZ 16:2 - UK

Allen & Health 32-Ch Console Mixer

Sound Craft UI 16 (wi-fi enabled - Iphone/Android)

Sound Craft UI 24 (wi-fi enabled - Iphone/Android)




Tascam M - 200 MKII - 24 CH

Presonus Studio Live 16.0.2

Reaper Digital Audio V5

Universal Audio Plugins

Pro Tools 10




Roland VS2480

Roland VS2000
Roland VS1824

Roland VS1680



ZOOM R24 CH Recorder (Data Card)
EV EQ - 231
Alesis M-EQ 230 (x2)

T.C. Electronic Wizard Series Finalizer

1980 Vintage White 32-band EQ

Vintage Yamaha 24x8 Monitor Console 

(out of the Golden Nugget, Las Vegas)

1980's Roland Jazz 120

Super Twin Reverb 

Alesis Quadraverb Digital Effects Processor
Berhinger Autocom Pro XL MDX 1600 Compressor
Rane RA27 Realtime Analyser

Crest VD900 Power Amp (x3)
Crown XLS 1500 Power Amp (x2)
Alesis Matica 500 Power Amp
Alesis Matica 900 Power Amp
Alesis RA-100 Reference Amp

SA 3/15" Custom Cab (x2)
SA 2/15" Custom Cab (x2)
EV Midrange Horn (x2)
Altec 511 Eminence Driver (x2)
SA Enforcer II PW Subwoofer (x2)

Yamaha SV12 Wedge (x2)
SA 12" Wedge (x2)
SA 15" Wedge (x2)
Fender 115XP 600w Drum Wedge

Sennheiser E835 (x5)
Shure SM58 (x2)
Shure SM57 (x2)
University Sound US660A
MXL Condenser (x3)
MK-319 (Russian Condenser) (x2)

32ch Snake 150'
16ch Snake 100'
16ch Splitter Snake

Various Mic Stands (x12)

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