SXSW 2014

South by South West has already came and gone, and we were busy the whole time. A couple events we provided sound for was the East Side Escape Festival, that was three days of fun. We loaded in every morning and packed up every night, and then there was the rain, but we managed to keep the show going. We were also responsible for twenty minute set changes, there was over fifty acts.

Another show we did was at The W Hotel for a private fashion party. It was simple, professional and fun. Luckily they have elevators over there, ;)  we still had to make about five trips to get all the gear up. Then, of course we couldn't leave our trailer and van in the loading dock so the PA and myself went on a journey for a parking spot in the peak of south by. Somehow by the grace of god we found one four blocks away, dropped the trailer, parked the van and ran back to The W just in time for the show. Fun times.

SXSW 2015 is right around the corner for everyone in the music business, cant wait!

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